Our delivery model


Thinking globally and acting locally.

When the culture overcomes the strategy.

Terra Colligo is a company that has more than a decade of operations in the European market, which has allowed us to be a global company since our inception and create a delivery model of our products based on efficiency and that adds value to the processes of the companies with which we work.

We offer our services while always taking into account the needs and expectations of our customers. It is for this reason that our intervention in organizations are carried out in stages in which the processes that we will carry out are clearly specified, after meeting with the decision-makers and making a diagnosis of their real needs.

This helps our engineers configure the software with full knowledge of the processes that the company specifically considers necessary to improve, in order to give them the possibility to carry out their activities using the technological tools without defects or failures and without compromising the integrity of information, technological equipment and the capabilities of the personnel that use it. 

This allows us to provide a balance between the resources of our clients and the solutions that can be provided, taking into account the capabilities of each company, which generates a commitment of joint and interactive participation between the client and our team, in the construction of each process that requires our intervention and in each stage of their implementation.

In this sense, our delivery model adds value to the companies, while we train personnel in the improvement and automation of the internal processes of their organization and with it the development of the activities is done in less time, more efficiently and using less material resources.

Terra Colligo also seeks to break the organizational barriers between companies and their workforce. This allows us to form work teams with a focus on unified, transparent, efficient, friendly and homogeneous collaboration, allowing the staff of your organization to work together in the achievement of common goals, providing an optimal service to your clients and increasing the utilities of your business.

Our ability to provide notable solutions, which fully transform organizations in a short time, has been reflected in hundreds of projects that we have completed, always taking into account high quality standards and our attention to customers and the quality of our services. In terms of innovation, cost and skills, in the field of consulting, domains, technology, outsourcing and global delivery, what we achieve thanks to our multidisciplinary and multicultural team that brings their enthusiasm, talent, abilities and commitment to each one of the projects.

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