Take control of your business via smart content screens 

Attracting the public´s attention to your business can be made much easier with the help of a large television screen that shows images and videos related to your products. Morabox makes this possible in a novel and economical way that doesn’t require computers or specialized hardware.

How do we do it?

Morabox is a mini computer, based on Raspberry Pi 3 technology and works by using Info-Beamer software. The Morabox has the ability to connect to any normal screen or monitor with a HDMI gate. The software is connected to a server located in the cloud which in turn provides the contents that are displayed on the computer screen or specialized hardware used for this function.

It is able to learn and run graphic content, static images and perfectly sharp videos with 60 animations per second. You decide! The system administrator can change the content that Morabox displays remotely without having to visit the site to change the contents.

All that is needed is an Internet connection for the site. What if the internet stops working? Do not worry!
The Morabox has its own local memory that stores the contents on the site and continues to operate without interruption until the connection is reestablished.

Maintenance and Technical Details

Terra Colligo offers Morabox with full service, which includes Raspberry Pi hardware, Info-Beamer subscription software and managed service from installation, training and full user support.

Technical details:

  • Works with any screen that has a HDMI connection.
  • Requires internet connection without proxy.
  • It is recommended to connect Morabox directly to the electrical current, since it is not enough to connect it by USB port to the screen.
  • It is recommended to use one Morabox for each screen.

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