Maintenance and administration

of systems

Technological resources applied intelligently for companies.

While it is true that the use of technology makes all kinds of operations that are indispensable for the development of our daily activities easier and faster, it is necessary to maintain the optimal functioning of our devices, software and applications, so that our information and work are always safe and available at the time we need to use them.

In this order of ideas, every organization must avoid the risks that come with the use of technology, because it is necessary to constantly carry out processes of review, evaluation and maintenance of the systems.

The technological resources with which an organization supports its activities, such as: computer equipment, programs and communication tools, should be reviewed and evaluated in a rigorous and frequent manner, to facilitate activities of the organization. Although the tests are successful, the systems require regular maintenance to ensure that their performance is effective when needed.

As a general rule, the more important and usable a software or technological application is for the development of a company’s activities, the more rigorous the review, evaluation and maintenance processes must be. When the work of an organization relies on the use of a certain system, it is essential to regularly carry out maintenance, as well as the thorough review and testing of the software that supports the information and operations of the various areas of the company.

Previously, the implementation of an IT system required a great investment of time and money, the creation of technological solutions was done from scratch and it was necessary to make large investments in the acquisition of special servers, establish administrators and configure complicated maintenance processes.

Today, thanks to the evolution of technology, it is possible to acquire systems previously created and that can be put to use almost immediately, the configuration of these new tools also allows the creation of customized solutions that operate within this same system, which can be done through direct processes that save time, money and effort, both for the expert staff in computer systems, and for the organization that implements them to automate their work.

The above is possible through the use of the cloud, which revolutionized the way in which technological solutions are managed and its use is so friendly that it allows the storage of large amounts of information that can be accessed at any time and from any place.

The use of the cloud to configure computer systems also represents great savings for organizations, since instead of hiring specialized human resources in IT, the company only pays the services of a solution creator that keeps the system updated and protected, which It brings additional advantages such as:

– Considerable savings for the payment of salaries of IT expert staff.

– The hours of service are much more flexible than in the internal solution.

– You pay only for what you use.

– You do not have to pay salaries due to sick leave, vacations, involuntary absences, and other eventualities that involve the hiring of personnel.

– The costs for the use of software and maintenance are predictable and are included at the time of acquisition

At Terra Colligo we provide system maintenance and administration services for all the solutions we offer. By contracting with us, you do not have to try to discover what computer settings you should change to get the functions you need to perform, you interact at all times with someone from our team capable of understanding your needs expressed in laymen’s terms, without the need to be an expert in technologies.

Our service organization is based on the same principles as the development of our projects. We are transparent, fair and oriented to the specific needs of our clients. At Terra Colligo, the client has control over their service, therefore, for each service we nominate a single point of contact, the Service Manager, she or he is primarily responsible for satisfying the client’s requirements and providing solutions to the possible problems.

Likewise, we also implement a management group for the maintenance and administration of each project. This steering group is in contact at previously agreed intervals (usually once per quarter) to check how the service is working, if there are changes in the configuration, if the use of new modules is required, etc.

Our internal processes are based on ITIL. For those who are interested, we make a breakdown of the processes used by Terra Colligo, which is included in another article.

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