Terra Colligo presents you Jungleworks: The best technological alternative designed exclusively for service companies

It is an all-in-one solution, aimed exclusively at responding to the needs of the business sector dedicated to the sale of products and services. Its applications are an essential tool to streamline operations and accelerate business processes, offering absolute control with
easy integration that provides efficiency in business processes.

Manage your entire business through a single platform of

The integrated products in the Jungleworks platform are:

  • Tookan (vehicle tracker device)
  • Fugu (processable communication solution)
  • Yelo (online store),,
  • Kato (analytical and Artificial Intelligence tool),
  • Flightmap (intelligent route planner) and
  • Bulbul (smart sales panel).

All of these solutions are easily integrated to offer a network of coherent operational tools, exclusively focused on the commercial sector and capable of assisting companies from start to finish in their different business activities. The system allows you to acquire only the necessary solutions or the complete suite to ensure the smooth operation of the whole. This will allow you to complete an efficient sales cycle, with fully automated operations and working in collaboration with meeting the demands of your customers.
If your goal is to provide the best shopping experiences to your customers, obtain a balance between work and personal life as an entrepreneur or you want to venture into
the services sector, Jungleworks is undoubtedly the right tool to guide you on the path of Digital Transformation, by providing you:

  • An immediate online store to promote your products / services
  • A tracking system for your staff in the field
  • Proactive chat support
  • An optimized supply chain
  • Sales CRM solutions with artificial intelligence
  • An efficient tool to make better decisions through Artificial Intelligence.

Jungleworks will boost the work of your company safely and quickly. We are more than happy to give you a demonstration in your office.

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