How do we implement the projects?

We find the key route to achieve success in companies.

A fundamental part of the success of our business, is that we always work to be effective and with that, we seek to ensure our efficiency. In this regard, we develop our projects with the participation of our clients during the entirety of their transformation process.

In our work, the mapping of our clients processes is of vital importance, since it allows us to identify those points of business activities that are critical to the success of our clients operations.

Mapping helps us to establish performance indicators and evaluation criteria of topics such as execution of tasks, the impact they have for the development of one or several areas of the company, their times and stages of execution, the degree and quality of participation of those responsible, the adequacy and skills of the personnel assigned, the qualification of the results, the time allocated to each task, the use of material resources, production costs, productivity, risks, among many other factors.

With the identification of all these aspects, it is possible to define the types of solutions most convenient for the company. This allows them to improve and optimize the operations of each specific case, making their management easier, faster and much more economical.

At Terra Colligo we model the processes using standard industry annotations that are effective and easy to understand. This tool allows us to identify weak points in the process flows and gives us ideas on how they can be improved. In many cases, by introducing automation, this has allowed us to identify and eliminate certain unnecessary steps, better organize the work flow and/or reduce the interdependencies between the different process flows.

Once the sequence of activities and the result obtained from them have been identified, it is possible to think of a solution that facilitates the treatment and transformation of resources, so that the processes are carried out effectively, efficiently and with some value to the utilities of the organization.

Our standard method for implementing IT systems is agile Scrum. For most implementations, we are running Scrum projects in one week sprints. And by virtue of giving transparency to our operations, our clients can see our progress almost in real time, at least once a week.

At Terra Colligo you will always be welcome to attend our sprint planning and retrospective meetings.

We have all faced IT systems that are not easy to use, because they are implemented in order to meet company objectives or to obtain specific measurements that are necessary for certain areas of the company. However, these technological tools present great difficulties to be operated by the majority of the company’s personnel, who do not possess advanced computer skills.

In our implementation model, Terra Colligo pays special attention to the human factor. For that reason, we dedicate time and effort in adjusting the user experience once the system meets the requirements.

Likewise, each of our projects always has a manager capable of making decisions and that is in contact with the staff of the organization that has been assigned the responsibility of implementing the process of digital transformation of the company. Our project managers are responsible, they have sufficient authority and the support of Terra Colligo to carry out this work. In this sense, we ask companies to assign a person from the organization, who has this support and authority, since this way it is possible to assume responsibilities, manage resources, incur obligations and establish deadlines.

Similarly, Terra Colligo constantly monitors the progress of each of the implementation stages using a Steering Group, to ensure progress is made and projects are finished on time.

With the application of these measures, the final result will be a product delivered to the complete satisfaction of the company, which is delivered in an easy, friendly and automated way to comply in an efficient and effective process.

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