Microsoft Dynamics for Sales

Your sales will grow and also the capabilities of your team 

Technology, the new era for business

The arrival of the 21st century brought with it deep transformations in the commercial sector. In just a few years we have seen that sales strategies have gone from being direct and aggressive, to becoming more creative and complex. In virtue of the great diversity of preferences that characterize today’s consumers, the large amount of information that we have today thanks to technological advances has had an important impact on consumer demand, to the extent that today they are the ones leading the way in developing commercial strategies.

Currently a host of options in information technology make our activities much easier and more efficient to achieve greater profits in the company. If your main objective is to increase the profits of your organization, you may want to continue reading.

Microsoft Dynamics, Sales Module

An ally to grow your business

Microsoft has designed the best solution for those companies that seek to increase their sales by optimizing the use of their resources and streamlining their internal processes. Dynamics, through the sales module, offers us software that transforms the management of customers and business processes fully compatible with other technological solutions, which facilitates decision making, by allowing access to your company’s information at all times and within the reach of all areas. This allows for faster and more efficient decision making.

Unified information that’s available in real-time

With the Microsoft Sales module, it is possible to make compatible the commercial information and the collaboration of the people, by virtue of their functions of easy operation, they show the general panorama of the activities in the area, which allows to establish totally measurable objectives, feasible and observable among sales personnel, who will have access at all times to the information necessary to carry out their activities from anywhere, at all times and through all types of mobile devices.

How do we do it?

The sales module of Dynamics is part of a set of business applications that work in the cloud, so it is not required to install special servers at high cost to implement it.
This digital intelligence tool converts business relationships into real income, which allows sales to be made much faster.

A modular system that adapts to your growing needs.

Dynamics is designed to work as an application platform that is extensible and allows sharing information and processes. For this reason, you can choose the functionalities that your company needs to work and it also allows you to gradually incorporate other features at the right time for the growth of your organization.

Constant growth

The Sales module of Dynamics promotes the constant training of your commercial team through the use of predictive analysis tools, digital intelligence and automated lead scoring. It also allows you to evaluate your relationships with customers by providing all the necessary tools to make more efficient sales processes for your company.

Work from anywhere and at any time

In addition to the above, it is possible to have people and processes in constant connection. Which allows having the necessary information at hand to perform all kinds of activities automatically through Office tools, such as Word, Excel and Outlook. With this connectivity, your sales team will have the possibility to run reports, use the work calendar, print lists of potential clients, offers, registrations, add or modify visualizations, among many other features, all from any device, anywhere, any time.

Functionalities that adapt to your needs.

Dynamics offers a customizable digital experience for your company. It takes into account your specific needs which allows you to get new accounts through tracking leads, incorporate new employee activities, measure individual and/or collective performance of your staff, identify key indicators in your sales process or indicators that allow you to make the best decisions for your organization.

Monitor your activities quickly and easily

The Sales Module integrated with Microsoft Power Bi, Cortana Intelligence and Azure Machine Learning, offers a superior level in the management of your company’s information. It does this by automating all your company’s business processes, converting your data into feasible plans and quick execution. With this it is possible to monitor the general activity and detail of each of the
internal processes of your company, promoting the increase of your income by having all the information articulated in a single act while controlling the costs of acquisition of isolated operation software. This eliminates the repetition of activities and socializes the information,
controlling access to it to the extent that you prefer.

Need more information?

Terra Colligo is at your service to show you in detail the virtues of this and other tools that fit the
needs of your company. We can assure you that the sales module itself will be an efficient tool for
your business. With personalized applications that are updated and combined with the benefits
offered by working from the cloud, Dynamics becomes an unbeatable package that will position
your company as a leader, in whatever sector you are. Do not wait any longer to meet us!

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