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If there is a secret of effectiveness, this is concentration. Effective people do the first things first and then do one thing at a time.

Our approach to the focus on business process management is identified by the abbreviation GPE.

The Terra Colligo GPE is a holistic management approach that promotes business efficiency and flexibility based on a set of standardized Information Technology (IT) technologies and tools.

It consists of a workflow, a process automation and a page flow platform that allow the coordination between disparate applications and services, resulting in the deployment of new business processes that generate revenue, the structure of the BPM (Business Process Management) and its connections with the library and process request The fundamental value of the Terra Colligo GPE is to align Information Technology (IT) with business. By formulating key questions that have to do with demonstrating the close link between IT and business, we develop solutions that keep the application portfolio aligned with business growth objectives and how to ensure that IT service goals are not disconnected from business objectives and, of course, create value.

The essential steps in the implementation of the Terra Colligo GPE are the following:

Mapping of business processes

  • List the use of cases by application and the use of cases by group

  • Document critical business processes

Identify IT dependencies

  • Identify all cases and systems involved

  • Map the processes of the steps to the applications

Identify (possible) points of failure

  • Identify all possible points of failure

  • Prioritize the points of failure using the Failure Analysis Mode

Evaluate the Business Impact

  • Evaluate the data affected by the points of failure
  • Analyze the impact of business failures

Define Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

  • Define the KPI’s

  • Collect the necessary data to report the KPI’s

Link the KPI’s to the KPI’s of the Business

  • Mapping KPI’s to business KPI’s

  • Cut the business KPI’s

An essential part of this process is to ensure that the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are not technical, but rather business indicators. To meet this criterion, a path of development is needed.

This starts by linking business processes to IT, identifying business KPI’s and committing them to IT activities. After understanding the business value chain, KPI’s can be developed for end-to-end business purposes.

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