What gets measured gets managed.

LEAN is a philosophy and set of management techniques focused on continuously eliminating procedural waste. So that every process, task or work action is made “value adding” from a client’s perspective.  Lean methods help to remove or reduce waste and contributes to driving business agility (velocity) through smooth work flow across the organization. LEAN will result to rapid fulfilment of our client’s needs in an optimum manner

Lean IT is a monitoring approach that optimizes performance by establishing a virtuous circle of continuous improvement. This is achieved through the elimination of wastes and promoting a teamwork culture.

The multiple Lean IT experiences of Terra Colligo ensure an added-value within the context of our clients by implementing visual practices and pragmatic and participative tools.

Our Lean IT approach focuses on 6 the key elements of Lean and on a solid framework of management foundations intended to all IT leaders. The client is at the center in order to guarantee that the efforts are aligned with the expectations and the business priorities.

  • Refine processes
    • Reduce waste
    • Simplify processes
    • Reduce cycle times
    • Standardize
  • Manage performance
    • Manage visually
    • Drive by indicators
    • Animate daily production
    • Effective meetings
  • Organize flexibility
    • Break the silos
    • Manage the demand
    • Clarify roles and responsibilities
  • Manage skills
    • Develop individual and collective sills
    • Pool competences
    • Share best practices
  • Mindset and attitude
    • Transparency
    • Bottom-up approach
    • Focus on continuous improvement
    • Learn from failures
    • Search and analyze root causes
    • Address problems as soon as possible