Foreigner’s dream

So much of what we call management consists of making it difficult for people to work.

Dictionary defines effectiveness as a degree to which objectives are achieved and the extent to which targeted problems are solved. In contrast to efficiency, effectiveness is determined without reference to costs and, whereas efficiency means “doing the thing right,” effectiveness means “doing the right thing.”

Sometimes I miss Finland. In my own country, the government manages population register which keeps track of all citizens and people living in the country. All people are assigned a common national ID.

Each citizen can identify himself electronically with this national ID using their bank account codes, and all public-sector services share live access to government population register. A corporation can be registered online in minutes and Y-tunnus (equivalent to RFC code) is issued immediately.

The last time I submitted a tax report was years ago. I don’t need to bother filling in routine information since salary information gets submitted directly from employers to tax office and the tax office automatically calculates routine tax deductions.

Someday the same will be possible in Mexico. But it requires first understanding that the best way to optimize processes is to eliminate all unnecessary steps. Data should be entered only once and it should be shared with all interest parties.

There is nothing quite so useless as doing with great efficiency something that should not be done at all.