Delivery model – Born Global, Act Local

Culture eats strategy for breakfast.

Terra Colligo has operated more than a decade mainly in the Northern European market. Thus, we have been blessed with being a Born Global company. The enterprise has been able to establish well-functioning global sourcing network which we can utilize to bring delivery excellence and value to our clients.

Our delivery model helps clients add value while using resources more effectively. Our resources form a very significant and critical part of global workforce and talent.

Over the past ten years, Terra Colligo has been developed into a global multi-cultural company. During this time, our staff has successfully delivered hundreds of projects using Distributed delivery approach. At the heart of its success is a multicultural workforce that brings together bright, creative minds from around the world.

We are able to provide services from the location that appropriately addresses our clients’ needs in terms of quality, innovation, cost and skills from a combination of people from its advisory, consulting, domain, technology, outsourcing and global delivery capabilities.

This allows us to provide a balance between our client’s and our resources that would not be possible without a close collaboration. We are committed to our clients’ participation in every phase of the solution. Our clients can engage with our project teams in a totally interactive way. We aim to break down organizational barriers between enterprises and form a Unified team approach that includes its team members working together with our clients smoothly, irrespective of location.