Cloud assesment

The task of leadership is to create an alignment of strengths so strong that it makes the system’s weaknesses irrelevant.

Cloud Computing is a major focus area worldwide. Majority of the enterprises have attempted drafting cloud adoption strategy with North American enterprises leading the pack. On an average, a quarter of enterprises are yet to realize the value of cloud.

Not surprisingly, the reduced TCO is driving the cloud adoption. The famous “CAPEX to OPEX cost shift” has dropped down a few slots in the stack of reasons. Interestingly, enterprises are realizing the potential of the cloud to cut the time to go to market.

Client concerns now focus around cloud adoption, realizing benefits, supporting cloud migration, cloud vendor selections and driving the cloud influence business change within the enterprise. The objective of our approach is to address the following stakes:

  • How cloud computing can realize 30% to 40% reduction in TCO?
  • Which of my applications are well suited for the cloud – and why?
  • How to support the transition from existing resource intensive setup to virtualized/cloud environments?
  • How to effectively choose Cloud Service Providers?
  • How to overcome my user’s resistance to change from existing resource intensive systems to cloud based services?
  • How to manage user’s desire to use modern technologies to operate traditional systems?